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Paris Gellar is awesome
The Path to Victory is Paved with Idiots
This is Paula's fault. 
10th-Oct-2008 07:03 pm
Bucky - Englightened
I started doing quizzes on that site and now I can't stop. This is all your fault, Paula.

Who is Your Biggest Loser Trainer?

Who is Your Biggest Loser Trainer?
Created by BuddyTV

Oh yeah. I'd so be distracted by the hottness too.

Which Grey's Anatomy Character Are You?

Which Grey's Anatomy Character Are You?
Created by BuddyTV

Seriously? Seriously! I'm all dark and twisty inside. Seriously!

I need a much bigger bookshelf to fit my vast collection of books and I'm going to try out for the school newspaper. And I'm addicted to coffee. I'm not Rory at all.

"My whole life people have told me, 'You're a shoe. You're a shoe, you're a shoe, you're a shoe!' But what if I don't want to be a shoe? What if I want to be a purse? Or a hat? No, I don't want a purse or a hat! It's a metaphor, daddy!"
11th-Oct-2008 05:31 pm (UTC)
Meeeee? Never hehehe
11th-Oct-2008 05:50 pm (UTC)
Oh, no of course not. It must have been one of the dozens of other Paula's I know. How silly of me :P
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